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Prouducte converts your product data into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence survive and growth guide.
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Built by product people for product people.

Change the way you get insights as a product manager, or managing and discovery fastest growing startups as a investor.
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Product metrics for founders and product teams

Prouducte facilitates decision-making and simplifies your day-to-day by providing an easy way to connect, understand and track your data and generate your key metrics and powerful insights.
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Clear and easy to use analytics dashboard.

Prouducte combines all the best features of useful analytics dashboards, leaving behind what's unnecessary and annoying.
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  • Choose the right metric and quick calculate

    Focus on the metrics that matter, select the exact metrics you need. No more digging around in different platforms to see the data that can make a difference.
  • Performance delivered straight to your inbox

    Prouducte delivers daily, weekly and monthly reports via email. Each report is generated automatically and contains metrics that matter to you.
  • Detect anomalies in your data before they affect your business

    Prouducte notifies you with custom alerts, so you know about any issues just in time.
  • Easy to understand.

    Learn more about the metric. Easy to build. Easy to understand.
    Try it yourself. It's free!

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    What People Say

    • Prouducte helps us stay up to date with all our relevant product statistics in the easiest way possible.
    • Awesome stuff. This looks like a useful tool when you’re wondering what metric to look at.
      Joseph K., VP of Product
    • "This app is so helpful not only in tracking metrics, but also help me in a meeting you just want to quickly confirm that churn rate from last month."
      John Alen, Co-founder & Head of Product
    • "Besides being able to know the metrics at any time, I can also learn about other metrics that I didn't know."
      Stephanie Liverani, VP of Product
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